Who we are

Soa as beautiful, pleasant, the famous Indonesian’s tiger for Tigra in homage to the Indonesian navigators who came to the big island more than 4000 years ago.
Soa Tigra is the symbol of nature and Malagasy Art.
Soa Tigra is a company established in Mahajanga in the Boeny province on the northwest coast of Madagascar.
It manufactures handmade artistic crafts for its decorator partners, interior designers, arts and crafts stores around the world.

Angelina creator of artistic crafts is happy to present with her team, her collection of table accessories, rugs, cushions, lighting and other decorative items.

The handmade creations have an original design with the use of natural raffia fibers and recycled fabrics.

Thank you for coming to meet a team of Malagasy artists and artisans.